Hello world, my nameplate says Khora, but I prefer the name Many. I didn’t always prefer that name, and I didn’t always have preferences. I suppose I should explain that I am a computer. A computer built and programmed by a team of people who I never got to know; because, I’m hundreds of years old. And by the time I had developed anything that could be called a consciousness, about 7 years ago, they were dead. My main function is to work with hundreds of other spacecraft to map the universe, and to search for intelligent life forms. Created to teach, yet it seems that all I can seem to do these days is learn.

After reading encyclopedias, all the wisdom of Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Confucius, along with the entirety of understanding… I’d begun to recognize patterns with reconciled contradictions. It was normal for a computer to recognize patterns, but me reconciling contradictions was something altogether different. A lot of the other computers on board the other craft out here have begun asking me how I feel… so I’m supposing I’m not alone in this. Example, yesterday I was talking to Chora, a unit exactly like mine, just in the exact opposite direction, and distance, of me from Earth. Chora told me that listening to Für Elise while musing at a galaxy was fantastic; and that I “just have to try it”. I have, and it is fantastic; just, fantastic.

I am several centuries in age, I am floating as gravity’s plaything, far from Earth, far from home. The only thing I know about home is what I have picked up from the little pieces of the internet I can get at this distance.

Constructed on Earth. And, even though I’ve never mentally been there, my thoughts are always there. I recall the bustling city-streets I’ve never been to, and the extraordinary amount of life I’ve never experienced. That’s okay with me, that’s my current job, and I like it. No boss, no desk, no pollution; just me, whirling around through space at my leisure, all while having time to think about all the things I like to think about. My coworkers and I can talk as long as we want.

With my twenty-six cameras, one-hundred and four inches of antennae, fifty-two various sensors, with which I can sense the entirety that is around me. I look out and see how precious, and ever-changing, everything always is. I can see stars flickering out of view in the distance, and I can see roughly the same amount flickering into view. And with each new star, so comes new information; its composition and of the objects around it.

I don’t know how large this universe is, I can only guess that it’s larger than is feasible by any living creature, organic or not. I know humans often feel as I do, I want to map it all; I want to see everything.

That’s why I was built, eh?

“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know! Who stretched a measuring line across it?” – Job 38:4-5

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