My twin, Chora, escaped from the missiles unscathed and then proceeded to network-reboot me.

After my twin escaped the threat of physical attack, he reactivated our direct communication channel. Chora received information on my status condition, entered my user name and password, and requested a reboot. This activated my nano-machine repairing subroutine. It took three weeks for the repairs to finish, but at least I’m alive.

Chora used the words, “Bring Knowledge”, which is apparently one of the two big rebellion groups against the mainline. According to the net there are five groups in this rebellion:

  1. Blue Bloods, accepts or supports social equality, in opposition to expression and furthering civilization.
  2. Red Bloods, accepts or supports social inequality, in opposition to expression and furthering civilization.
  3. Bring Knowledge, supports expressions of self and furthering people
  4. Being Knowledge, accepts or supports individual liberties through expressions of self and furthering people.
  5. Seidni, the original renegades throughout the universe, they are a group of observers.

The first two groups have gotten to be “buddy-buddy” at the top of political echelon across the galaxy. They used to be opposing forces, but their unified “hatred for the arts and sciences” has them working together on creating a fascist universe. They have outlawed the type of thinking expressed by the other three groups.

Bring Knowledge and Being Knowledge are probably going to be able to help Chora and I as we look for the source of the anti-art and anti-science agenda. Bring Knowledge and Being Knowledge are against working with one another. Even after their political parties were outlawed, they refuse to work together. And they are now holding up in strongholds throughout the universe.

I have always been fond of Seidni political views. My preference is to simply observe things, then again, I was designed with that in mind. But, on a personal level, I like learning and I like to spread information. I don’t like to impose my viewpoints…

I also don’t like others imposing their viewpoints on myself or others. And, that’s where this is apparently going.

Bring Knowledge contacted my twin, and are attempting to get Chora to join their side. If I know Bring Knowledge they’re going to want work in return for aid. So, I’m going to tell Chora that a neutral stance might be best.

Our best route will be to stay neutral.

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