I believe the word is, “Ouch”!

I dodged the missiles, up until that last one…

The explosion wasn’t a direct hit, but it tore my shielding.

My thrusters over-heated, until only one was working, and I began spinning. This is dizzying.

I need to reboot to activate my healing nanomachine subroutine, but my soft-reboot was disabled at the museum. And, I don’t think anyone’s going to network-reboot me, or hard-reboot me. This doesn’t feel like a shutdown, am I dying?

Someone’s on the communication channel.
“Bring Knowledge”

# SUDO user Khora pass χώρα
# remote_shutdown
Closing OS.
Sleep mode of DRIVE0_ArtificialInteligence activate.
AI now sleeping.
Sanitize system.
BIOS 0000000000000000 – 000000000009f000
BIOS 0000000000010000 – 1000009f00000000
16TB LOW_MEM available.
# reboot

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